One Thing Happening

One Thing Happening
Robyn Rice Olmstead, RScP, ALSP, Emerita
Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner Council, Co-Chair

As I take this moment to breathe, I align with the Spirit of the Divine. With the One presence, the one power, the one unstoppable energy that we call Spirit, the Infinite, the Divine, Buddha, Alla.

Knowing and trusting that amidst the many names, there is only one thing happening and that is God. God is the space of Power, of Passion of Purpose, of insurmountable Faith and so much more.

I align with this Presence knowing that that Passion, that Power, and that Purpose, resides in me. That I am inseparable from the Divine. I stand in Faith knowing that I am that Unique expression of the One. 

I know that this is not only true for me, but it is true for each and every one of us. We stand as One, with the One. We are Inseparable from the Good and the Grace of Spirit.

So we go forth this week, on a mission of remembering. We reclaim the Truth of who we really are. Knowing that Passion, is our true identity, we invite Passion in to play with us,  we open our hearts and our minds and embrace the Infinite possibility that we are, knowing that as we do this, our body temples respond with a resounding “YES!” That every cell and fiber of our being re-calibrates itself to a greater state of health and wholeness. Knowing that this alignment allows Joy, Peace and Harmony to reclaim it’s rightful place in our body. Recognizing that as we return to the health and wholeness of who we truly are, our light shines brighter in the world. Our Purpose is realized. Our true identity revealed. “We are the light of the world!”

How grateful I am to know this truth and to see it reflected on each and every individual I come in contact with. To feel it in each and every drop of rain or ray of sunshine and to constantly reclaim it in each and every breath. 

I release this prayer into the Law knowing that it can not return to me unfulfilled, because the Law always says Yes.

And in that Knowing, we rest.

And so it is.