by Marilyn O’Leary

God is the Oneness I seek. It is everywhere. It is Power, Light, Love, Creativity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Compassion, Wholeness and Health.  It is Beauty and beautiful! I am One with it.

It expresses in me, through me, as me. It is my life.

It joins us together, as we are joined in Spirit expressing as Unity. This beautiful, sometimes mysterious Reality, is the truth of our being. If I am seeking, It opens Its arms to envelope me. Even if I feel lost, alone, It is beside me, with me, part of me. We are One. I am never alone.  My life is full of Divine Life. I am animated with It.  It gives me all I can accept.

I stand in joy opening my arms to Love, Health, Joy, Creativity, Compassion – all I desire —  the limitlessness of Spirit.

I am grateful for all Spirit gives, for all I have, for all that I am in Spirit. Its blessings are miraculous and generous.

I release my prayer, knowing that the Power of my Word in Spirit makes it so.

And so it is.