Oneness with True Source

Teresa Greco, RScP

Oneness with True Source
by Teresa Greco, RScP

Spirit is everywhere and in everyone.  This Presence is pure, unconditional Love.  It is Absolute and the Source of All Good.  It is all there is.  I know that this Source is Bountiful and manifests in everyone and everything.  It is an Infinite Demonstration that has no limits, beginning or end.  It has existed forever and will continue to do so.  The Joy that emanates from it radiates out to all mankind.

And I experience my oneness with this True Source and know that I can never be separate from it.  I am a part of the Beauty, Goodness, and Joy that is evident in the world around me.  It has always been a part of me and my existence depends on my connection with It.  I know Its Beauty because I am a part of it. I know Its Joy because I celebrate this Joy within myself.

I am a source of all that is good.  I live in faith, peace, and harmony.  I experience the beauty of life in all I do and am secure in the knowledge that I am loved unconditionally.  I experience myself as pure love and joy knowing that I am a constant companion of mankind.  Everything I say, everything do is divinely guided and nurtured.  I see myself as pure light, seeing beyond my human existence, basking in the knowledge of my true self.

And so, I give thanks for all the blessings I receive or ever will.  I know my place in the world and live in gratitude to be on this path of self-discovery.  I have the confidence of knowing that I have the companionship of Spirit and mankind.  I am grateful for the opportunity to express the joy I have in my life.

And so, knowing that Spirit knows my desires and they are instantly manifested, I release my word into the Law and say, and so it is!