Only One

Only One
by Rev. Gil Olmstead, Senior Minister

I am grateful that the One Power, the One Life, the Everything that is Everything is being Itself as me and being Itself as You. This One expressing Itself in so many ways, yet there is only One and neither I nor you can be anything but the One. All Life exists right where we are. We ARE It!

Knowing this truth I know that failure is not an option. Only Divine expression. We but speak the word and the appearance of all failure vanishes leaving only the truth of what is. Failure is simply a judgment of a fact. Spirit has no part in judgment for Spirit is only Love, only light, and only divine right outcome!

How beautiful it is to be able to know this, to speak this, and to live this. I am forever grateful as I release this word knowing that there is nothing to be done, rather that this Word is a confirmation of what is.

And so it is.