Only Spirit

Only Spirit
by Gil Olmstead, Spiritual Director

There is only Spirit. Everywhere Spirit is what is. In the running water, in the glorious sky-filling patterns of billowing clouds, in the density of walls of granite and in the nothingness of space. All of it is the presence of Spirit.

Spirit is my life. I am the life of Spirit. There is One life and each of us is it! This One life is the loving expression of Spirit. 

As I anchor into this truth, there is only Love. As all things are the lovingness of Spirit I know that that Love is me! All people of this love. It cannot be escaped, it cannot be broken, it cannot be anything less than Spirit. There is no scale of Love-ability because it is all Love. We are, no matter what scale or description, or term of separation we use, lovable because we exist. And my existence can be no more or less than anyone’s else’s existence. I am, we are, Love-able!

This realization is filling me with gratitude. What more could be given?? I know then that all is well. And I allow it to be, And so it is!