Open and Expand

Open and Expand
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

I hold to the knowing that I am one with God.
In that Oneness, I am that which is Godness.
Or as Meister Eckhart would say, Isness.

In that Space of All Godness, I claim my Godness and Isness.
In that Space, I enter into the realm of The One.

I am human and also Divine.
As a human Divine one, I resonate with both and I walk in both worlds,
as my shaman teacher would say.
With one foot in each world, I hold both worlds.

At this time, I call my humanness fully within my Divineness.
As such, my mind, heart and spirit are fully present with whatever is occurring
And I am open, loving and welcoming to what is.

I am fully present
My mind does not wander or ponder
It accepts
Without prejudice or bias
I let go of my programming
I am, see and enter into a space that grows me as I enter the Oneness
That I already am, have been and know
I let go and expand
And enter that Space of the Ethereal beyond all knowing.