Open Heart Journey

Open Heart Journey
by Tilia Giron, Chaplain, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

Open to know your own heart.
Check in.
How is it doing? What’s going on in there? How is it feeling?
Tender? Hiding? Why? Vibrant? Strong?

What do you hear from it? What does it want to say to you?
Take the time.
How much time do you give it? You wash your face.
Brush your teeth.
Do you tend your heart? It is the most important thing about you.
Yet, we can give it so little of our time and direct attention,
Much less on a regular basis.

Check your heart vibration.
What do you need?
What is it you desire?

Come here to your heart center when feeling tired, extinguished, sad or confused,
Or simply in need of space.
You can be revived, renewed, nourished, supported and uplifted.

And find meaningful answers just for you.
Plus, it holds love – bountiful overflowing love especially for you.

Enjoy the wondrous journey of your heart.