Tilia Giron, RScP

by Tilia Giron, RScP

I open to the Great Spirit within. And It is here. It is in openness that I am in a position to hear and to learn and venture forward. So, I open myself to this Divine Voice within, that hears me, that counsels me, that reaches and teaches me, that answers me, knows me, and understands me. I open myself to that Space within where potentials are wide open. It is in this space that I find love and know love. I know comfort, give comfort and I am comforted. I, in fact, become comfort or whatever the thing is. I become IT and It and I are one, the same. So easy, then that it is in This Place that answers find me and I hear them. I welcome them. Here it is as if the whole universe opens itself to me – opens as if some great cavernous unending hollow simply appears before me, invites and beckons to me. Here all manner of potentialities and possibilities exist for me and await me. Am I ready to answer the call? Will you?

I claim for each of this day reading this prayer that we answer the call within, that we hear the Divine call, however it appears before us, and we respond, in whatever manner is our truth. For the call can only bring us to more Godness, to more of who we already are, which is our own Divine Essence. I welcome this Godness, this Spirit of my Being. And I am so grateful for Its Presence.

I release my word and so it is!