Outpouring of Love and All Good

Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

Outpouring of Love and All Good
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Purpose of Treatment: For Love, for all Good, and especially for Abundance, for the payment of all bills, for the increase of money into my life.

GOD IS ALL THERE IS. God is in all. God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient.

God is Love. God is Power. God is Good. God is Harmony. God is Health. God is Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance. God is all Love, the Power of all. God is the outpouring of Love, the freedom from every ill, including the freedom from apparent lack.

I AM ONE WITH GOD. God lives in, as and through me. I am the love of God. I Am what God is. I am One with Spirit. I am One with all Creation. I am One with all Good.

IN MY LIFE, I declare that I now experience an abundance of health and well-being. Every cell in my body vibrates with the Love of God. There is no age or illness in God. I feel well and healthy.

I express the overflowing, unquenchable love of God as abundance. I am an expression of the bounty of the Creator. Abundance is in me. Abundance expresses as me. As true love, I am true abundance. I have plenty of money. Money flows to me and through me. All my bills are paid and money is left over. Money is overflowing in my life. This is true now and always.

I affirm harmony in all relationships. In my family, in my neighborhood, in my worklife, at the Center, all is harmonious. I express the harmony of Spirit.

I am inspired with the Creativity of Spirit. I declare that Spirit expresses in me as creative self-expression. It flows through me and from me as I uniquely express myself in every endeavor, in music, art, in crafts, in writing, in all ways that God is expressed.

I declare that Spirit expresses in me as peace and joy, as oneness with nature and with all beings.

I affirm and declare that I Am Love, that I express love, that love comes from me to all and flows to me from all.


I GIVE THANKS for the Good in everything now. I give great thanks! I give thanks for all the good that the events in my life have brought me. I give thanks for all that people have said to me, for all praise and for all seeming criticism, for I have learned from that. I praise and give thanks for my circumstances, my home, my relationships, my family, my belongings, my friends, the love in my life, my creative expression, my education, all the Good I have been given and have experienced. I give thanks for the wonderful sensory delights of every day. I give thanks for Spirit in my life every day. I give thanks for all of it.

I release these words to the Law, to the Power of the Heart, the Law of Love, the fulfillment of the Law. I know my words come back to me fulfilled. And so it is. Amen!