Part Knowing is OK

Part Knowing is OK
by Tilia Giron, Chaplain, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

Hear me: Part knowing is ok.

We are evolving beings.  It’s really OK.

How often do you see a full moon compared to its entire cycle? How long does the rose bloom in its full glory before it turns and fades? Truly, not even the sun shines at its fullest at mid-day for very long.

So, why dear one, should it be that you should have perfect knowing over a subject that’s organic as is any on this planet?

No, the road turns and twists for a reason.  A cup is so often only half full.  There is a creativity and a joy in exploring and filling. Plus, there is that unknown quantity that comes from trusting your soul and the message from your heart or, just being willing to take a chance and take the dare.

So, dear ones, we know it is with trepidation and a little bit of fearfulness that you may walk a new walk. But, we encourage you to continue the walk; it will fulfill itself as you allow and let go of many of the old beliefs, as well as, the things of the past.

And, so, you will find a newness commodious, light-filled, joyful, and radiant. … So, move forward our sisters and brothers with so much love and so much blessings.  You are surrounded and supported with love. Look at what has occurred so far, has it not already been filled with multiple blessings beyond what you could have possibly imagined?! So enjoy. Have a light-filled time in your new spaces of growth, wonderment and love. And so it is.