Patience Grasshopper

Patience Grasshopper
by Yvette Trujillo, RScP

It’s early morning, my favorite time of day, and there is the slightest freshness in the air. A foreshadowing of what is on the horizon. I saw green chili in the grocery store this weekend and my brow furrowed, in a funny joyful way, thinking about the contents of my chest freezer, “I need to make some space,” I thought. Buses filled the roads this week too, showing things down a bit. Slowing down is a good thing. 

There is a comfort in the cycles of life for me. Wonderful things to remember and things to look forward to. I even create them just for fun like adding cinnamon to my coffee from Thanksgiving through the first of the year. Stopping is so hard, but remembering the pleasure it will give me to begin again next time around, so I put my giant bottle of Cinnamon back into the back of the cabinet.

As I reflect on the beautiful cycles of life this morning, of beginnings and endings, I remind myself that this turning is all a natural part of life and that even in the pain and sorrow of endings I can turn my eyes to the place where I know that the sun will rise again and wait… sometimes with clenched fists and sometimes with electric anticipation. But, to be sure, a new day will come. So I whisper to myself softly toward the horizon, “Patience grasshopper.”

And so it is.