Peace and Serenity

Liza Kerr, RScP

Peace and Serenity
by Liza Kerr, RScP

Last weekend as we hiked on a favorite trail in the Sandia mountains’ a friend asked me what to do when you feel separate from God. I looked at him and spread my arms and said you look around you at the magnificent beauty of nature and you breathe it in and live it. “What around us, isn’t God,” I asked? I see God in the beautiful sky above us, and all of the elements that comprise it – the texture of the air, the color, the temperature, the cool breeze blowing gently by. I see God in the clouds and everything about them – each cloud an individualized creation by God. The high cirrus clouds warning of a late afternoon storm, and the fluffy cumulus clouds building on the horizon. God is everywhere and in all things. When I open myself to this and breathe it in I am filled with the essence of God and the peace of nature. Everything I see is God, everything I feel is God. I allow myself to recognize this oneness with God for in my heart I know there is no separation between me and the cloud, the air that I breathe, the moisture in the air, my friend, we are all one and the same; each of us an individualized personification of God as the One Source. I told my friend that you simply recognize that God is everywhere and is everything and that he was also part of God – God was also part of him.

I claimed for him peace and serenity with the power of my word, knowing that Spirit was moving through me. For each person reading this I claim the same thing – peace and serenity and the profound realization that when we allow the essence that is God to move through us and to be a part of us that anything is possible. Any wound, real or imagined is healed. Anything we ask for will simply happen.

I am grateful for knowing this is the absolute truth. I am grateful for living my Word. I am grateful that each of you is able to claim peace and serenity in your life and to realize any healing that you need to manifest.

I release my Word to the Law of Mind, knowing that it cannot come back to me void, and I anchor this prayer into place by saying – AND SO IT IS!