Peace is Possible in the Mind of God

Peace is Possible in the Mind of God
by Alicia K. Hanlen, Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

As I turn within to that ineffable Presence and Power, I am filled with a sense of hopefulness and gratitude. Hopeful because what I know to be true is that even though my human mind cannot conceive of some concepts, in God all things are possible. And gratitude to accept and know this amazing reality, of the unlimited power of our One Source.

Right now, our world is struggling to understand why there is a war in Ukraine, and filled with sadness with the tragedies this war is bringing to so many people. Though there may not be much I can do in this material reality, other than donate to their cause and hold them in solidarity, I can do much in the world of consciousness.

So in this moment, I turn inward and shower love and light to all the people of Ukraine, to the innocents of Russia, to the people of Poland and other countries who are providing refuge, and to all people everywhere who may be affected in some way by this conflict. I know that God can and indeed does work in mysterious ways, and I add my voice to the desire that there is a path forward to end the conflict, and begin to rebuild that which has been destroyed. I place into prayer all of the leaders in this situation, including Ukraine, Russia, the United States, and all of the NATO members, that a rational and permanent solution arises in their minds and hearts. And in my own way, I continue to hold to the vision of Peace rather than conflict, Hope rather than despair, and Love rather than hate. This is my one and only truth, and I stand firmly in this truth, one again knowing that in God all things are possible. And so it is. Amen.