Perfect Health and Vitality

Perfect Health and Vitality
Marylyn Kirk, RScP

There is one Power and only one Presence that is the source of all Life. Wholeness and well-being are the natural state of all life. This vital Life-force has created all of Life and sustains all of Life. Unwavering in Its healing power the Creative Intelligence that has created the universe is fully present everywhere, all the time.

This natural wholeness and well-being is my natural state and is fully active in me. It is at the very core of my being and it is in all of my affairs. It is the wholeness and vitality of the Living Spirit that has Its life in me right here and right now.

I declare and accept that perfect health is flawlessly expressing in me and in my body. My immune system is stronger than ever. Every tissue, fiber and cell of my being is in perfect balance and is functioning at its highest level. I am whole. I am well. The vital Life-force that has created all of Life lives in me and fills my body, mind and soul with vitality. I feel an influx of energy that uplifts me and supports me in all of my activities. This Life-force brings me to a state of natural joy and contentment and nurtures my optimism.

I open to accept this truth fully in my life. I think it; I believe it and I embody it. I am grateful for the truth that this creative process works through me, as me. I give thanks what I have declared is right now manifesting in me.

I trust the receptive nature of the Divine to respond in full to my word. I release my word to the action of Love and Law and let it be

And So It Is