Perfect Health and Well-Being

Perfect Health and Well-Being
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

This affirmative prayer is for perfect health and well-being:

I recognize that Divine Spirit is the motivating, creative force in the Universe. It is Love, Power, Creativity, Joy, Laughter, Abundance, Peace, Health and Well – Being. It is Everywhere, All – Powerful, Eternal. It is the fount of all Being.

I Am one with Divine Spirit. I feel wonderful, I am well, there is nothing missing in my experience of this life. I am healthy, and in fact, I am health. I experience health and I express health to the world. I remember the bible story of the woman who was bleeding for 12 years, and who had such faith, she believed that all she had to do was to touch the hem of Jesus’s clothing and she would be healed. And she was.

I declare that I have the faith to know that Divine Spirit heals me now and I am healed, I am health. I know it, I declare it is so, and I experience Perfect health and complete well-being.

I thank Spirit for this knowing, for this teaching, for my oneness with Spirit, and I accept the healing now.

And so it is.