Linda Martin, RScP

Perfect Order Is In All

Perfect Order Is In All
Linda Martin. RScP

Linda-MartinI recognize there is One Life, One Source, One Divine Intelligence in all, through all, is all! I call
this life, God. I call this Life, good! This mystery flows endlessly into the Universe without end.
Everything that is seen, unseen, known and unknown comes from this One Life. Perfect order is
in all. There is a season as things come and go yet never ends. All things work out for the good.
I unify myself with this good as I’ve come from this place of wholeness. Everyone reading these
words comes from this place of knowing, deep inside that all is well.

I allow and accept all good this day. Good, in the way of energy and excellent radiant health.
Every cell, every organ, every tissue and all systems in the physical bodies are functioning
perfectly well. Our minds think positive, constructive and beautiful thoughts about ourselves and
others. If a negative thought enters our minds, we immediately turn our attention away from the
dark and begin to dwell on thoughts that takes us higher. We claim peace, happiness and joy
for those are the aspects of our true essence.We are in control of our thoughts. We claim our
greatness, our creativity and discover wonderful, new aspects of our being each and every day.
We are gifts to ourselves and to others.

I give thanks knowing the truth of my being, knowing I am a creative loving soul expressing what
I’ve come to express…kindness, love and being the best I can be one day at a time! In deep
gratitude, I release my word into the law calling it done and so it is….