Personal Transformation Treatment

Personal Transformation Treatment
by Julia Washington, RScP

This is a time of “new birth”, regeneration and rebuilding of one’s consciousness. A time to make great changes in our lives, to no longer judge by appearances or events that may alter our lives. The letting go of anything that does not bring peace of mind. Having a knowingness that God is all there is, that the Presences surrounds and lives in us all. By our words and thoughts there is power to change any and all situations for good.

We are all one with God, the source of all good. We know that there is only one mind and we are each a part of that mind as God in us, as us. In this knowingness, we are one with the Infinite Presence to be, have, let go and grow. We now know love and peace, all situations are made whole right where we are now.

God is all there is, the source of all good, wholeness, joy, peace, change and love. As we grow in consciousness, we are one in the awareness that there are no limits of possibility in our world for the right and perfect outcome for all circumstances. As we already live in a perfect universe, there is no room for fear or doubt. As this is the truth for me it is the truth for us all.

We accept and embody all the good of the Universe. As the perfect children of God, all our needs are met. We are open and receiving our good now.

I give thanks for this knowingness that God and I/we are one. By rolling back the stone there is light in all our lives. For this we are grateful. We trust in the Universe to support whatever needs to be changed and now take on the new. Giving thanks for the good in our being and affairs, know there is only joy for the good that is now taking place.

I now release my words into the action of the law. I know that as I have spoken in truth, believing and knowing, my (our) good is now coming into manifestation. Know the rainbow is always there, even behind the clouds. Be as the butterfly and soar to new heights.

And So It Is…