The Place

Our Financial Goal: $357,000

• Planning for a Future Home of Our Own.
• Expanded Classes and Programs that include Intergenerational Opportunities.
• Investing in the Congregation through Workshops, Retreats, and Speakers.
• Continued Tithing to Centers for Spiritual Living and the Albuquerque Community.
• Expanded Congregation, Media Opportunities, and Good Works.
• Improve Interactive Aspects of Website.
• Continued Improvement of Sound System through T-Lop and Video Livestream.
• Planning for Much Needed Assistant Ministers, Volunteer Coordinator, Development Director, and Operations Manager.
• Replenish Prudent Reserves.

6 Easy Ways to Pledge

Pledge Here!

• Use our online pledge form.

• Give your paper pledge card to one of the stewards at the Stewardship Table in the Greeting Area.

• Mail your pledge card to the attention of Valerie Hand, Treasurer of the Board of Trustees.

• Deliver your pledge card to the church office.

• Put your pledge card in the collection plate at a worship service.

• Scan your pledge card and email it to the church administrator.

Creating the Mindset of Giving

RGCSL Guidelines for Contribution

When deciding your financial commitment to RGCSL, please consider your Science of Mind values.
Together and individually, we are responsible for supporting our church and our movement. To use the guidelines in the table above:
1. Determine your monthly income or resource level.
2. From the Monthly Income column, move to the right to find a giving level you are ready to support.

The RGCSL Guidelines are a valuable resource for two reasons:
• They provide a range of practical gift levels for the individual or household making a pledge to consider.
• They serve as a social justice tool, in that they recognize people have varying capacities to give, based on their resources and other financial responsibilities, while providing recognition for giving at various levels.

The financial commitment levels in the guidelines are suggestions, with a starting point of 2% of income for congregants earning up to $1,000 per month. At the other end of the spectrum, the guidelines suggest a full 10% commitment of adjusted income, regardless of a congregant’s income level. Each of us has to make our own decisions about the right level of financial commitment to make, and the guidelines are an excellent first step in making that decision, every time we make it.
Some people may find it necessary to first make a commitment to move toward their suggested financial goal over time. It might be a three-year process or even a five-year process for some of us, but we can start the journey today.
Moving toward a financial commitment, whether quickly or in a steady, intentional way is a welcome process that builds community and instills a spirit of personal stewardship. It reminds us all that this is our congregation and Science of Mind movement and that our pledges help accomplish our mutual goals.

We are Consciously Building a Strong Community, not Just a Sunday Service

Pledge 2019

RGCSL Prosperity Campaign 2019 – Questions and Answers

What is the annual stewardship campaign?
The Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living is financially autonomous. We have no diocese or umbrella organization to support us if we fail to meet our annual operating budget needs. We are it – we are in effect a co-op. The annual stewardship campaign provides about 75% of the revenue we need, with the rest provided by pledges made at other times of year, church facility rentals, undesignated Sunday offerings, etc.
The annual stewardship campaign is in the Fall every year, but pledges can be and are made throughout the year by new members and friends as they realize the value they find here. During the stewardship campaign, every household in our community is asked to make a pledge – a promise – of financial support. The pledge you make and then honor in the upcoming year keeps the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living thriving.

How does this campaign support the Center’s vision?
• By getting the word of Science of Mind out to the Community (e.g. contributions made to Wings for Life, Casa Q, Fathers Building Futures)
• By supporting the RGCSL ministries (Practitioners, Adult Education, Youth & Family Education, Bookstore, Men’s Group, Life Celebration, etc.)
• By providing resources for expansion and growth of the Center

Who pledges?
Members. Friends. Parents. Newcomers. Each of us who is connected to the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living is asked and expected to make an annual financial commitment to support the church.

I am not ready to become a member of this church, so why am I getting information about pledging?
We have many non-members of the church who pledge financial support. We call them friends of the church. We invite everyone who is regularly participating in church activities to make a pledge.

How much should I pledge?
This is a personal decision. We ask that you consider your personal budget and determine an amount you can contribute to the church on a weekly or monthly basis. We believe that our standard of giving should reflect our standard of living.
We ask everyone to consider making a pledge that is both responsible and significant based on his or her own financial situation. A commitment appropriate to our faith tradition is 2% to 5% of net household income.
Most of our members are able to contribute on a regular basis, and many households already pledge at these levels. For those who do not, we ask you to consider working towards this goal over time. For newer members and friends, we ask that you consider pledging an amount that reflects a serious commitment to the place you have chosen as your spiritual home – not simply to make a donation to yet another charity.

I’m doing well – what should I pledge?
If you attend Sunday services, are active in our programs and activities, or if you have children in Youth & Family Ministry, and these connections are important in your life, then please consider more than 2% and demonstrate your commitment with a significant pledge.

I have a limited income – what should I pledge?
Please know that you are always welcome at our church. If you’re out of work, have a modest income, or are facing demands on your resources, then pledge what you can.

What if I have a hardship situation that prevents me from making a financial pledge?
If you cannot make a financial pledge due to hardship, and wish to remain an active member in the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, please discuss your situation with the minister.

How is pledging different from putting cash in the collection basket?
While cash donations via the weekly offering are greatly appreciated and are used to help support the church and its causes, they are unpredictable, and thus we cannot rely on them in planning our budget. Also, twice a month, undesignated cash offerings go toward our Faith-to-Action collections.
Other the other hand, pledges give us a good idea of the funds we can expect during the year so we can plan our operating budget.
Pledge payments may be placed in the collection basket, but we ask that they be made by check with a notation on the memo line that they are for your pledge. If you want to place cash in the offering basket toward your pledge, you can place it in an envelope with your name on it – otherwise, we have no way to track cash contributions.

What about the time I contribute? Do you just care about money?
Your volunteer efforts are greatly appreciated! You understand the value of our staff, our building, and the things that we do for each other and for the rest of the world. These require money as well as time.
Most members of our church volunteer their time, too, as well as pledge. We could not survive without the generous donations of our members’ and friends’ time and talents.
If you are eager to know more about our volunteer opportunities, committees, and other areas where energies are needed, please read our weekly announcements or talk to the Reverend Martha Quintana, board members, or various team or committee leaders about the options open to you.
The stewardship campaign is the only time of the year we talk more about money than other things, because we need to make sure our financial house is in order so we can do more with and for our members and the community.

Where does my contribution go?
Every month, 10% of your financial contribution goes to our Community Tithe (8% to Centers for Spiritual Living home office and 2% to local non-profits).
The rest of the donation is used to pay the costs of ministries, programming and committees/teams, salaries and benefits of our staff, building maintenance costs, and administrative costs.
Our budget, approved by the Board of Trustees and then by the membership, details the amounts budgeted for sub-items in each of these areas, and we provide regular reports of our expenses.
Budget approved at the November 4th Annual Meeting is $357,000.
$275,000 – General Operating Expenses which includes support for ministries, rent, and general administrative expenses.

$82,000 – Hire an Assistant Minister and Volunteer/Development Coordinator to support expansion of projects inside and outside of our community.

Can I designate how I want my contribution used?
The purpose of this pledge campaign is to raise money specifically for the General Operations fund. However, if you are a member of the church, you have a voice – when considering the budget.

How can I change my current pledge?
If your financial circumstances change and you want or need to change your pledge – either up or down – simply contact Valerie Hand, Treasurer of the Board of Trustees and tell them what you need to do.
A pledge is a promise – it is not a contract – but letting us know of your intention if you need to change your pledge helps us anticipate our cash-flow and manage our budget.

What if I have questions not answered here?
You can direct additional questions to:
• Our Prosperity Team Chair, Carol Helms – carol.helms@rgcsl.org
• Our Minister, Reverend Martha Quintana – Rev.Martha@rgcsl.org
• Our Church Administrator, CJ Barclay – office@rgcsl.org