Prayer for Health and Well-Being

Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

Prayer for Health and Well-Being
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

God is the motivating principle of the Universe. It is everywhere present at all times. It is all powerful. It knows all as Divine Consciousness. It is Love, Health, Well-being, Substance, Support, Creativity, Energy, Joy.

I am One with God. God’s Love pulses in me and motivates my desire to be. It acts in me, through me, as me as power, love, joy, creativity, health, well-being, substance and support. As I seek my good in God, I realize it is in me as power, knowledge, and consistency. I am one with it.

I affirm that God expresses in me as perfect Health and Well-Being. In the perfection that I Am all is well. Every organ in my body works in perfect harmony with each other and with all my body’s processes. My brain gets all the nutrients it needs and works for my good. My eyes are clear and healthy. I see perfectly. I see with the inner vision of Good. My ears are clear and my hearing is acute. My heart is strong and life-giving. My lungs are in perfect working order and breathe me for my highest good. My liver and kidneys clean my system and dispose of waste. My digestive system works perfectly. There is no pain. God is my free, unlimited health. If there is any sign of weakness, it is healed now, because my body is filled with divine intelligence and knows how to heal itself. Through God’s insistent love in me, I am whole. I feel good. Energy radiates through me. I am confident that the God-in-me is taking care of all my needs. As this is the truth for me, it is the truth for all who read these words and accept them.

I am thankful to the God-in-me that loves and heals. I am thankful for all who read these words. I am grateful for its healing power. I am grateful that I know that God is my power, strength that health. I am grateful for the wonderful experience in living this life.

I release and let go of my words with deep confidence, knowing that they cannot come back to void. Rather, they return as fulfillment and manifestation of the Good.

And so it is.