Prayer for Remembering We are Beloved

Sue Hoadley, RScP

Prayer for Remembering We are Beloved
by Sue Hoadley, RScP

Beautiful Loving Source, Creator of all that is, Breath that breathes me, Divine Intelligence, Perfect Planner, that which is order, pattern, nature, earth, sun, moon, stars and all that is!

When I am stuck in my story, seeing the future with gloom, fearing the worst scenario, feeling there is not enough, feeling above all that I am not enough…not smart enough, pretty enough, patient enough…I breathe deeply and remember who and what I am.

I am the perfect beloved, loved beyond measure by that which created me. There can not be a source which does not love its brilliant creation, and that is Me!!!!! I am loved beyond measure, beyond my remembering, just exactly as I am. God didn’t say, “Oh darn, I should have made her eyes bigger and her hips smaller! “ God does not make mistakes, or create half way.

So I relax into my breath as I remember what and who is breathing me. I remember what and who I am.

I say, “Isn’t it wonderful to just be here, right now, with eyes open…that is enough.” I am enough!

I know this wondrous truth of being for myself and for all beings, who are absolutely perfect just as they are. You, your partner, your children, pets, bosses, your supply, all, just perfect as it is. Let it be known in gratitude, let it be proclaimed in conversations, let it ring in your heart and my heart. Let us release all judgment, all not-enoughness, all lack of self-forgiveness, all blame and all shame.

I release these truths into the atmosphere and into God’s divine Law knowing they are so, and I shout my gratitude to Beautiful Loving Source for this love and perfection, and I say with you all, so it is and amen!