Sue Hoadley, RScP

Prayer for Self Acceptance

Prayer for Self Acceptance
by Sue Hoadley, Former RScP

What do I know about the mystery of life?! I know I see, I hear, I smell, I feel, and just what is being asked and expected of me in this deep experience we call living? I am who I am, and who is that?

There is a Power, a Mind, a Creator behind all that is. I feel It in the wind, the sun on my skin, the expanse of desert and the upward reach of mountains. I sense it in the sweetness of the honeysuckle and the sound of water trickling in a mountain brook. I know it in the early morning silence. And it says to me, You are just you, just as you were created to be, just another expression of the Power, the Mind, the Creator. So go easy on yourself, you are here, just be, breathe, feel, see, hear, feel pain and sorrow, feel joy and love, just be. You don’t have to climb the ladder to reach God. God is your breath, your blood, your hair, your eyes…all of you is the mysterious, wonderful, magical expression of the One God. So go easy on yourself! Know that your negative, fearful thoughts are just that…thoughts! They are not you. Stop identifying with them and just enjoy being, breathing, seeing, touching, live, live, live!

I am so grateful for this whisper of Divine guidance I received this morning in the early silence, I am so grateful for the honeysuckle and the sound of water trickling from a small fountain. I am so grateful to be alive, I can stop trying to figure it out for just a moment and BE!