Prayer for Small Wonders

Sue Hoadley, RScP

Prayer for Small Wonders
by Sue Hoadley, RScP

As I quiet my mind, my heart opens to the nature of Life and God, to the source of my breath and the energy beating my heart. I see light bouncing off the silent winter trees and clouds in the sky that take my breath away. I hear birdsong and children laughing and I know it is all God reaching out in love to me. It is beauty and harmony, comfort and care, It is God loving me into being every moment, every day. This source is good and caring and loving and creating, infinitely and always.

As I know the presence of this loving source, I know it is present for each of you, for every plant, animal and human.

I give thanks for the small wonders of this past year, the small wonders of every day: I wake up. I am warm. I have warm running water. I have a warm cup of coffee and a good breakfast. I have clothes to wear and shoes to protect my feet. I have feet to carry me and eyes to see where I need to go. I have people to bring cheer to, to share God’s love with. I have a sky above me and stars at night. I have clean air to breath. i am in awe of the wonder of my blessings, so precious, so dear. I give thanks. And so it is.