Prayer for the Christ Within

Nancy Bowers RScP

Prayer for the Christ Within
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

“Within everyone is the intense desire to go home, to go back into the Oneness of God.”
–Master La Valley, “How to Become a Christ”

Within each of us is the Christ-Self – that divine essence that knows God as its heart and soul; that goodness which shines with love and compassion.  This is a prayer for recognizing that Christ within.

In this moment, I pause to remember my Divine Father, that Sacred Mother, that loving essence that I call God.  In my remembering, I know that God is forever Good.  I know that this benevolent Spirit wants only the best for me and for everyone; that the truth of God is Unconditional Love and Understanding.  God sees past my foibles to my innocence and calls me back to that purity.  God knows the Christ within and asks that I embrace that truth so that I may do His work in the world.  God loves His Son unabashedly.  And as it says in A Course in Miracles, “It should especially be noted that God has only one Son. If all His creations are His Sons, every one must be an integral part of the whole Sonship.”

Within me pulses a goodness that looks past appearances to the love that is always there.  Within me is a Christ that does not condemn and always chooses love.  The truth of who I am is the Holy Son of God Himself, just as the truth of who you are is the Holy Son of God Himself.  Each of us is precious beyond measure.  Each of us houses the soul of Christ.  Let us remember that together.  Let us see the best in one another.

And so knowing this, I affirm that my actions speak only of love.  That any impulse to attack or condemn falls away easily and effortlessly, for such actions are always the result of fear.  Yet in my knowingness, all fear disappears.  I stand in the fearless place of the remembrance of God.  I know truth.  I know the Oneness of the Sonship and so I embrace all of my brothers regardless of my small ideas of what should or shouldn’t happen. I let go of personal opinion.  I allow God to lead me.  I allow God to use me.  In the moments when I feel uncertain, I choose to quiet my mind and hear what God would have me do.  All baser impulses evaporate in the presence of my Holy Father.  I am cloaked in peace and joy for I know my Father would never mislead me.  I embrace the Christ within and I recognize Christ in all my brothers and sisters.  I am an ambassador for peace.  I choose love.  I choose God.  I know innocence.

I know you, too, are that goodness.  I allow forgiveness to be the balm that washes away all thoughts of misdeeds and returns us both to the heart of God.

And I give thanks for this.  I give thanks that I no longer need to judge anything.  I give thanks that I have been taught to see past appearances so that I recognize that when I am not witnessing love, I am witnessing calls for love and it is my duty to answer them with love.  I give thanks that I can lay down all attack and guilt and fear and let God bring me home to His loving arms.  I give thanks, for I am so, so grateful.

Then I let go.  It feels so good to allow God to call the shots. It feels so good to know I never need to feel bad or guilty because the Christ within knows that God’s will for His children is perfect happiness, perfect peace, total joy.  I let go and bask in the easiness of God.  And so it is.  Amen.