Prayer for the release of negativity

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP - Beyond FearGod is the Ultimate Alchemist. He soothes all hurts, calms all fears, and transforms all trials and tribulations into blessings. For this Alchemist is Love, Unconditional Love. It is Natural Peace, Effortless Harmony, and the Great Purifier. There is no negativity that cannot be transformed by the Great One, for Spirit is Easy. It is Goodness. Negativity dissipates in Its Presence, just as darkness cannot abide in the presence of Light. It is an Irrepressible Force for Goodness. It’s Gentle. It’s Giving. It’s Forgiving. The Alchemist spins gold from all the impurities. He wraps it all in Grace and makes the heart once again whole.

And I am like this Alchemist. Her nature is mine. I know that He created me with a heart that forgives, the ability to look past the stresses and bad behaviors. She made me the soother. Within me is the power to bring unconditional love to the table, to see past fears and let peace be my mantra. With God, I am able to sift through the impurities, to see the goodness in the hearts of my brethren. With Spirit, I put aside differences; I bring light to dark moments. I bring peace to chaos. And I know that all these abilities are yours too. God, the Alchemist, purifies your heart. He brings you home to peace. Do you feel it?

So I wish for you, ease. There is nothing to fight when your heart is in God. I claim for you release from any and all appearance of negativity. I call in the experience of blessings everywhere. I claim for you willingness to see past the things that try to rob you of your inheritance, your birthright of peace. I affirm that you are surrounded each and every moment by the Goodness of the Divine and that you feel the Love that is always present, that you are soothed by the Peace of God.

Then I give thanks. Let’s give thanks. Let us invite in the gratitude that washes away ideas than anything should be different than it is. Let us be steeped in the Goodness of God, where the Light comes and settles the heart into confidence that everything is as it should be. Peace is here. The Alchemist has transformed all seeming negativity into Harmony. So I give thanks, for it feels so much better that way.

It feels better to release, and so I do. I let God handle the details. It is already done.

And So It Is. Amen.