Sue Hoadley, RScP

Prayer for Vision

Prayer for Vision
by Sue Hoadley, Former RScP

I bring my heart and mind to knowing that there is one loving Source of all that is. This loving Source is the ultimate designer of the universe. This brilliant Mind designs the most grand infinite universe, and the tiniest nano entity. I know it designed my life in absolute perfection! The flow of this Divine Intelligence, the order and harmony in which it operates, embodies in me, in my life, in all my affairs. I am one with this great Plan and It is one in me.

This is true also for all beings. All of you reading this prayer, and all creatures, all vegetable, mineral and animal life are lovingly governed by this Infinite Mind.

I know that as I am one with Divine Mind, the Great Planner, I also am imbued with that Divine creative force. So that just as I vision with clarity and precision, my vision becomes manifest and embodied in the my life. This is the great mystery and accomplishment of union with the One Creator!

I affirm that my vision is clear and bold, beautiful and loving. I affirm my trust and belief in the power of this vision. I affirm that I vision from my highest and purest Self and that as my vision comes to fruition, it brings the most benevolent outcome to many many beings. i affirm that my vision for my life is directly inspired from the one Divine Mind.

In live in joyful gratitude knowing the Law and the Love of God make this true. I give thanks for the wonder of visioning and believing. I give thanks for my faith in this wondrous creation. I give thanks for the working of co-creation in every being’s life.

I release this knowing and this prayer into the magnificent Divine Mind, knowing it is so and so it is!