Prayer for Vision

Prayer for Vision
Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the world.” –John Muir

God is in everything I see. He is always there. She streams through and in and around everything. Its essence is Love. His truth is Peace. Her heart is Joy. All are Holy. Everything is Divine. Perfection beats within every person, place and thing, for it is all God.

Spirit is within me. God is within you. The Divine resides within each and every person, each and every moment, each and every object. Come. Court with me the perfect vision that is God’s sacred present to us. Forget the past and your ideas about what you think you know. Come follow me on this vision quest.

I am a blank slate and I affirm, “Holy, holy.” I let go of ideas that block me from vision. I open myself to One Heart, knowing I am so loved, so supported that I swim in Its Being. I move through God. I breathe in Spirit. I allow my sight to be anointed and humble myself, recognizing that in many moments, I am clueless, for I do not see what is right in front of me: Beauty sublime. Peace profound. Goodness, Eternal Goodness, changelessly flowing. Usually, historically, I have done what I am doing right now – looking to the past to inform me and yet, it can’t really; for the past is gone. What I thought I saw, I made up based on former ideas birthed from not seeing. What I thought I saw, I perceived with sight that forgot to notice how God is in everything.

So, I fall to my knees. I surrender to willingness to be shown God everywhere, to be present to the Holiness that surrounds me. I cloak myself in the invulnerability that comes from knowing that my attacks are fighting shadows I created. It is all God. And although I tend to want to exclude, because I don’t always see the Divine in the people who are ignorant of their own inheritance, this day, I pray for vision. This day I am determined to see differently. To choose again. Won’t you join me in my quest?

Holy, holy comes to soothe me. I need fight nothing. Why, oh why, would I battle with God? Holy, holy. I bathe in the sacred. Let my eyes be consecrated. Let my heart be soft and pure. Holy, holy. I welcome you Lord. I give thanks for the gift you have given me. I honor with reverence all that I see, recognizing Your Presence within it all. I give thanks, knowing I am never alone. I give thanks for how sweetly You support me, God.

Then I release and I let go. I allow the God I live in to guide me, knowing that with Vision I can take no missteps. I forgive myself for the past I made up and allow the Eternal to bless my sight eternally. I give up trying to control any of it. I surrender to the Love. I let Trust soothe me. I embrace perfect vision where God permeate my whole world. God leads me. Can you sense how honeyed a journey we are on? It’s mind-blowing. And it is ours. And So It Is. Amen.

Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living.
Sunday Services are held at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. at 4374 Alexander Blvd. NE, Suite T, Albuquerque, NM 87107.
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