Prayer Request

Prayer Support

We are blessed to have 18 Licensed Practitioners, and they are ready to respond to your prayer requests or to schedule a counseling/prayer session. You may also submit an online prayer request. May your strength of faith provide peace to your heart and to your mind.

 I Enjoy Being My Authentic Self

I enjoy expressing my authentic self without fear of what others may think. I focus on being myself and loving what I see and feel in me. I enjoy expressing my joy, peace, love, and wisdom, I give of my time, talent, and treasures because I authentically desire to do so. I know that everything I say and do is done lovingly and from a heart-pull. As I am kind and give to others, so I receive kindness in return. I encourage you to enjoy your love to the fullest, and love being loved. Love your life and love being you. 

Chaplain Carmella Herrera