Prayer of Peace

Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Prayer of Peace
by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Right in this moment I know that all of life is one.  Life in all its forms expresses as perfect peace and harmony.  This one life is a source of infinite good.  The source of all expresses as enduring calmness and stillness at the center of everything.

I am one with Spirit. I am a part of Spirit and always connected with Infinite love and peace.  I am conscious of being in the center of peace, serenity and calmness. 

I accept this awareness of my partnership with the Divine and know that as I embody the harmony, peace and love that are the qualities of Spirit, I manifest these same qualities in all areas of my life.  Any feelings of anxiety fall away never to return. I am no longer afraid of any person, situation or anything in life.  Perfect calm and peace permeates my being.  All is well. I feel this and KNOW this.  Right decisions, calm emotions and joyful relationships are mine now!   Every activity flows easily and effortlessly.  There is nothing to fear. Nothing disturbs my peace of mind.  I experience love, peace, and harmony always.

I give thanks and accept the absolute truth about my life and relationships.  I gratefully accept that I am whole, perfect and complete and appreciate that my thoughts, feelings and beliefs are all in harmony with Spirit.

I now release this affirmative prayer into the perfect activity of the law of Mind, knowing that my word is fulfilled right now.  It is done. And so it is.