Protected by a Fierce and Gentle Love

Protected by a Fierce and Gentle Love
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

How Sweet It Is to know that God is Everything and Everywhere. How sweet it is to consider that God is Love, and the Love that created the Universe is the same Love that creates everyone, every creature, and every dimension that is known and unknown to me.

This Love is the love I reveal to myself, to my heart, and to all people who read this prayer. This Love is the absolute sweetness I seek.  In this moment, I find this love in my heart. I know that it is planted there by my Creator. The Creator, considering Her own Infinite Love, had a consideration and I am created from that thought. Like Her, I am sweet love, happy love, fierce and protective love, go-for-a-walk love, spend-the-day-contemplating-love love, and I live in grace no matter the appearance. As I know this love-grace for me, I know it for every person who reads, or is touched, by this prayer.  

Knowing this, in absolute faith, I affirm and declare a profound sweetness in my life. Everywhere I go, I am delivered from the harshness of anger, illness, or limitation and my soul sinks into the goodness that is the truth of my being. This sweetness forms a light that goes before me making clear and smooth my way and this sweetness attracts all the right people and right situations. I know this sweetness for all people who read or are touched by this prayer. Most of all, this sweetness lets each of us know that we are the beloved of the Beloved and we fall even more in love than ever before. Each of us, and our families, are protected by this fierce and gentle love.

I give thanks for this love affair with God, for the sweetness in my life and the sweetness all around me. I am grateful that all my family, friends, and spiritual community are enfolded in the protective love of God.  The pandemic is already over and all of us can return to our goodness-filled lives with the awareness that we are all sustained by the same natural resources. 

I accept this love to the innermost part of my being and release my word back into the law where it goes out to be fulfilled.  I rest in my experience and let it be. And So It Is. Amen.