Protecting the Sacred

Protecting the Sacred
by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

I recognize that there is only One Power and Source in the Universe, that One Presence that I call Spirit and some call God, or Allah or Love.  I know that this powerful presence is in, through and as me as it is with everyone. The wisdom of Spirit is in me and is always available for me use. I know in every aspect of my life Spiritual Wisdom seeks to express Itself through me.  I accept all the goodness that is in the Universe knowing that I am significant to God and that goodness and wisdom express through me.

I have absolute clarity that I create the world that I live in.  I choose to protect that which I hold sacred to me.  Rather than focus upon or be affected by current news or negative circumstances, I stop and question what it is that I really care about, what is meaningful about my life. I shift my thoughts and feelings to that which I deeply value – love, joy, peace, harmony and abundance.   These are God qualities. These qualities are sacred to me.

I know and attract only that which supports my love, joy, peace, harmony and abundance. This life is God’s life, and this life is my life NOW. I feel the connection in my heart and focus only on that which I hold sacred.

I am grateful for this truth and clarity. Thank you, God, for everything, for the joy of life, the love of friends and family, the peace and harmony that I see and experience in relationships, and the abundance and prosperity that is mine to share with others. With love and intention, I release these words to the action of the Law, knowing that as God is my Source, nothing else needs to be done.  And so it is. Amen