Reconnecting with the Now

Reconnecting with the Now
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

I realized I’ve been holding my breath for the last six months, just trying to wait this out or muddle through, but this is life and how things are. And that’s always true, whether before COVID hit, during quarantine, or now while we’re just beginning to open up our businesses. There is only ever this moment, and this moment is all life has to offer if I’m willing to engage with all I have to offer. 

So, I say this prayer today to reconnect myself with the now, the Divine that is, this full expression of life that is never put on pause. I recognize the omnipresence of the One Loving Source that is the Truth of all experiences, beings, and time. Truly God is all there is; there is no separation in reality. So I am an expression of that One Loving Source, as are you, as is all of life as we know it and even beyond what we can understand. 

Knowing this connection with the Divine and reconnecting with my now, I release the illusion that I am waiting for something better. I release negative thoughts about the past or present, that this is a disaster or that I am a victim or that things have to change somehow for me to be stable and satisfied. I have all I need to be physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually well, should I but chose to recognize all I have. 

And when I do feel “less than,” I remember to surrender to the Divine all that is out of my control so that I may be responsive, not reactive. I re-engage with the positive force for good that is me! I remember who and what I am, and I release all that does not serve my best and highest good in this moment. I open my arms to this historic moment and step out in faith that all is well, that we are healing individually and collectively, and that we are stepping ever closer to creating a world that works for everyone. I rekindle my faith that we’ve got this and the Divine has us. I am here now, with my A-game, ready to play all out.

I’m so grateful for this time to contemplate, to shift my thinking, to reconnect my life with this Divine Now, and to shed the thoughts of the past and future that keep me bound. I appreciate the freedom of surrendering it all and give thanks for this newfound confidence to step out and into the world to do what is mine to do. With confidence that this is already happening in my life now, I let all of this go and let it outpicture as it will, for it is all in Divine Right Order now. And so it is.