Rejoice in the New Year

Rejoice in the New Year
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

This is the time to Rejoice.

Rejoice for God is.

God is in me and in you and in every living thing.

And at this time of the year, especially as the old departs and the new is about to enter, we are given beautiful tools of Spirit to help guide us alone the way and enlighten our path.

Rejoice. For with the winter solstice, the light has overpowered the dark. With Christmas, the Christ in us is born. And we are reminded of just who we are. Not, and I say again, not mere humans! No, the Christ is born in us again, and we cannot forget that we are made of God! That is who we are! Powerful and Loving. And the old year is about to be vacated so that we may have a fresh start and begin our year new!

So, gather heart and look around at the amazing signs we are given. Leave the old, whatever it is that no longer serves you, and know that as Christ is in you, so are you powerful to the point that you believe. Be strong in faith and strong in Spirit. Spirit is strong in you. Always. Because you were created to express as yourself and be the Divine expressing.

Love yourself and all those about you. For it is Love by which Spirit and we exist. Love is the essence of All and of all of us.

Be merry in your essence, in the knowledge of your power, spread love from that incredible powerful love within you.

As this year draws to a close, I both release and I welcome the incoming Divine Essence with the approaching new year, whatever Its particular flavorful demonstration. And I do so on behalf of myself and anyone reading this prayer. And I do so knowing that I am made of Spirit and Spirit is Unlimited and All Powerful. I stand at this bring trusting that whatever it is that comes to me and to you as well as leaves my/our field is in our highest good. And that good manifests as peace, love, joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance, happiness, harmony, power, strength, and all the innumerable ways that God displays Her, His love for us.

I am so grateful for this Presence and for knowing It, so grateful for recognizing that God that lives in me and in you and the great threshold upon which we are poised – poised to begin a New Year of Blessings, poised to enter a new period of growth, and joy and celebration and prosperity. Yes, Bring in the New and Bless the Old and Bless I affirm the good is all knowing that All that is continuous – the Source of All Good.

I release my words knowing they are heard and already acted upon. And so it is. Aho and amen.