Russell Tobey Pope

by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus

The last step in the Practitioners prayer/treatment for people or events is to release the prayer  I feel this is the most important step  I feel you can affirm and say the truth for yourself but holding the thought and not affirm it is happening right now, sets up a road block for the prayer because it hasn’t been released knowing it will happen or is happening right now.

Know with me there is One infinite Loving source through all space in time

I am one with and a part as humans of this Source I call God.

Knowing this all things are possible since all is God  Whatever we affirm and know is manifest.  Say I know this statement I now say is true

Say to yourself “knowing this truth I give thanks to the Loving Source of all”

Now RELEASE your prayer know it is manifesting right now in God

Now say “AND SO IT IS”  This locks the treatment/prayer in place and time.