by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

Rest:  rest is an essential element in living successfully.  We need consistent and persistent periods of rest.  Not just 8 hours of sleep every night but also what I call down time.  Time where we can sit, contemplate, read, dream, vision.  We spend so much of our time doing!  And so I offer up this treatment for rest:

And I rest.  I rest in the knowingness that Spirit is.  It simply is.  Call it what you will, that Divine Energy Force IS.  And It is everywhere.  I look outside at the clouds and see It there.  I listen and hear the wind blowing and hear It there.  I feel It in my inhales and my exhales.  I am one with this Thing Called Life, and It is one with me.

And from this oneness, I speak my word for rest.  I speak my word for the willingness to stop doing and to begin being.  I speak my word for time taken in quiet contemplation.  I speak my word for great books read.  I speak my word for rest from the busyness of life, for rest from that belief that being busy means being worthy, that doing means earning one’s keep.  I speak my word for rest in the sweet delight that I need do nothing to be worthy, I am worthy simply because I AM.  I speak my word that rest is an integral part of my life.  I speak my word that there is balance between rest and activity, and that I maintain and nurture that balance always, and that balance is simply a part of who and what I am.

I gratefully release these words into that Law that has already taken them and answered with a loud and emphatic YES!  I know these words land where they need to land.

And I anchor:  and so it is!