Resting in God

Resting in God
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

I am resting in the acknowledgment that God is all there is.  Not a thing but a Principle. A Force.  Always present.  Always good. 

And I am also resting in the acknowledgment that God is also a part of me, within me, acting as me.  That God and I, we are one.  There is no place where I begin and where God ends, nor where I end and God begins.  We are inseparable. I am a unique manifestation of that one.

And so I speak my word now for grace and ease, leading to peace.  I speak my word for a beautiful allowing into what is, knowing that even in the midst of loss, gain occurs.  Even in the midst of change, new and better occurs.  I simply go with the flow, in grace, with ease, and with complete faith that all is well and all continues to be well.

And so with great gratitude, I release my word, knowing that it has already been acted upon in the affirmative, and I anchor: