Reveal It! (responding to the news)

Reveal It! (responding to the news)
by Chris Duvall, RScP

Recently, Rev. Tammi spoke of a Divine Reality that is whole, perfect and complete, ready and willing to be revealed. When called forth in specific situations, Its outcomes seem miraculous. We are of this Divine Reality.  It is in each of us and is far greater than anything outside us.

I’m exploring how to apply this understanding in the midst of mid-term election ads and other news stories that trigger anger, fear, and confusion about actual or potential losses regarding human rights, crime, rising costs of living, injustice, climate change, war. What responses contain or contribute to energy that seeks to harm, separate, provoke?  How does Divine Reality want to be revealed in the midst of this?

Claiming that I am not deceived by appearances, I address Divine Reality with faith-based commands …

Thy Truth of Unity is greater than political division. Reveal It!

Thy Truth of Light is greater than hidden motives. Reveal It!

Thy Truth of Life is greater than loss of species. Reveal It!

Thy Truth of Love is greater than indifference, hate, revenge. Reveal It!

Thy Truth of Beauty and Order is greater than destruction. Reveal It!

Thy Truth of Support is greater than disempowerment. Reveal It!

Thy Truth of Sufficiency is greater than inflation.  Reveal It!

Thy Truth of Peace is greater than violence.  Reveal It!


o   I command Divine Reality, because Jesus taught his disciples to do so. The Lord’s Prayer is full of commands: “Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!  Give us this day our daily bread! Lead us not into temptation! Deliver us from evil!”

o   Because push back often accompanies emergence of Truth, it is important for the soul that prays along these lines to be equipped through study, meditation, treatment, spiritual companionship, invocation of the surrounding, protective, empowering Light of Love.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In closing, I bless all who are nurturing Truth with high vibrations of Light as known and practiced by Spiritual Masters aligned with Science of Mind.  I bless all adjustments being made for fuller attunement with Ways of Truth for the sake of the Eternal Holy Name. I’m grateful Divine Reality is revealing Itself in these times. I’m grateful Divine Light is surrounding, protecting, and moving us according to Its Will.  I release this word into Its Love and Law.  And, so it is.