Reveal, Release, Rise and Repeat

Reveal, Release, Rise and Repeat
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

I sit here in the sweet silence, having prepared my talk tomorrow titled Reveal, Release, Rise and Repeat. And I feel a great gratitude that I have been able to experience revealings, I’ve been able to release, I’ve been able to release, and I’ve been able to repeat as necessary. And so I affirm for anyone reading this post that there is a healing going on through revealing, rising and releasing!

I feel this God thing, the Stuff that Is, that Thing that I know as Energy, pulsing and moving with each thought, because God and I, we are One. And because of this Oneness, I can affirm right here and right now that healing has, is and continues to occur in the lives of anyone reading this post. I affirm that there is a massive revealing going on, a huge amount of releasing, and a great rising up of new and fresh embodiment of wonder, power, peace and joy in the minds and hearts of everyone reading this treatment.

I rest with deep gratitude, knowing all is well.

And I anchor: and so it is!