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The insight for today:

“IGNORANCE and superstition have always been allies—’vultures born of the same egg.'”

“And it is not surprising to find, in a country where so many years there have been just two kinds of people, good and bad, there are yet individuals here and there puzzled about ‘goodness.’ Finally, it reaches, through some insidious suggestion too subtle for understanding, the absurd height of asking: ‘Am I good enough to attempt to express more good?’ Because I have not reached the top, shall I refuse to take the first step? Because I have not prepared for calculus, shall I refuse to do my sums in addition? If the requirements followed these lines, there would be no progress from ‘sense to soul.’ Jesus refused to allow His disciples to call him ‘good,’ explaining that there were none good . . . none except the Father.


Yet Jesus did some pretty effective treating. Shall we wait until we see, as clearly as He saw, the unity of all life, before we attempt to use what light we have? Shall we now bury our one talent and foolishly expect that we shall later dig it up and find it has multiplied into ten? What did Jesus say on this subject? Seems to me I recall something about ‘The things that I do shall ye do also, and greater things, because I go unto the Father.’ Greater things than Jesus did! Does that mean that we have to be better than He was to do this? Did He say that perfection was the thing that was required? “


“On the contrary, He made it plain that BELIEF was the one essential factor. ‘It is done unto you as you believe.'”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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