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“Above all things, we must know definitely and consistently, that the universe is for us and not against us.”

“But someone will say: ‘It is not true that the universe is for us. Look at the evil, the lack, the limitation, the physical pain and anguish of the human race.’ Particularly will people say that who have believed, for countless years, that God wanted them to suffer. Such a thought is perfect nonsense, but it does not dissipate by just saying that it is nonsense. We must convince the mind that God does not—could not—desire evil. We shall have to get over, too, the age-long determination to believe that evil is an entity. We shall have to learn that evil is not person, place nor thing, but is an experience we are allowed to have (because of our divine individuality) until through negative experiences, we learn to use the law affirmatively; to cooperate with it and thus enjoy its full benefits. For the true law is a law of liberty and not of bondage. Our sins were forgiven us before we ever sinned, which, however, does not mean that we can keep on sinning and get away with it.”


“The universe, though, is foolproof. It does say that we can have what we want, but it also says that we shall have to take into our experience the logical result of our thinking, be it good or what we call evil. It is as impersonal as electricity. It will warm us or burn us, according to the way we use it.”

 “It operates simply by speaking.”

– Ernest Holmes

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