Right Thinking

Alicia Kay Hanlen, RScP

Right Thinking
by Alicia Kay Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group

As we become silent, let us focus on that place of center that is all knowing, all powerful, all wisdom, and all peace.  For in that place we come together as One – one mind, one heart, one Spirit.  In this treatment, we dedicate ourselves to our connection in the Oneness, knowing that we can honor all people everywhere, along with each of our hopes and dreams.  We honor our determination to be all that we can be, even in our struggles and challenges.  We see each other as family, for indeed we are spiritual family, joined together in reading this treatment by our beliefs and intentions to make a positive impact in the world.  We are grateful for the knowledge that we possess the power within us to evolve to greater and greater heights of awareness, and that this evolution is made possible by the intelligent design which we each possess as part and parcel with the One Life, the One Spirit, the One God.  We resolve this day to become ever more cognizant of our thought patterns to allow the most productive, healthiest, and most helpful thoughts to our ever-increasing good.  In our continuing quest for greater spiritual evolution, we strive to control our thoughts for the highest outcome in all areas of life.  In the words of Michael Beckwith,

Make me patient when I worry
Make me calm where there is strife
Make me loving when my heart is hard
Make me forgiving when I would be right.

And so we look to the future to see our desired outcome, while concentrating our efforts on this now moment to effectuate the result through right thinking.  Breathe into that right now, and accept and know that it is not only possible, but indeed IS a reality.  We know this for ourselves and for each other, for there is no limit to God, no limit to abundance, except as we believe it to be so.  Declare right now that we are free from the thought of limitation, and embrace the concept of divine perfection.  Feel and know the inclusiveness of Spirit, and allow that feeling to permeate your very being!  Yes, we are so grateful for everything in our life – our health and well-being, our homes, possessions, sustenance, family and friends, and our community – grateful for our very life.  Thank you dear sweet Spirit for this glorious new day!  And so it is.