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Around the year with Ernest Holmes
Compiled by Serving New Thought

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The insight for today:

“That instinctive sense of the Divine Presence which is inherent in us all is there because it is true, and in the state of each person’s intellectual capacity to perceive truth, it comes out, and to each of us becomes our God. It is forever proclaiming its own being.”

“There is a Power and a Presence in the universe which responds to us so completely, so perfectly, that we shall be amazed when we realize how completely, and how perfectly, but it can only operate for us through us. Our communication with God must of necessity be, and always remain, an inner light; we communicate with the indwelling God.

I doubt not that there is a God beyond our finite comprehension, for the nature of God is to be universal, but it is the nature of humanity to be so constituted that we can know nothing outside the confines of our own knowledge; this is self-evident. Hence, the only God we can know is the God which we sense, and since this is an inner light, it is God in and through us.”

“This is the only God we can know; this is the God who responds to us, and I sense that in every altruistic act, in every true charity which is love, in every expression of right emotion, that this is God-action through the individual, a



“It is only when we allow the Divine current to flow through us,
in and out, we really express life.
The law of giving and receiving is definite.

– Ernest Holmes


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