Tilia Giron, RScP

Self-Acceptance and Self-Kindness

Self-Acceptance and Self-Kindness
by Chaplain Tilia Giron, RScP

God is Love and with Love comes Acceptance, hand in hand. Love is freely given. Free means free. No boundaries, limitations or conditions. It just is. God does not require or ask that we do certain things to be loved or that we be a certain way. God has no requirements for love. Nothing impedes God’s huge love. God just loves and offers to us from that Love that which we choose in spirit through our alignment of thought, heart or energy. God’s love is total acceptance.

I choose the same. The same Spirit, the same full Love and the same total Acceptance, Radical Acceptance for myself and for all others. God sees no imperfections, why should I? Why should my self-love or self-acceptance or self-kindness be predicated on this or that? No! I reject that line of thought, however, wherever it may come from. For this is not my truth. It is not God’s truth. It is an un-truth. a lie. I call upon the Truth and that which I know. And I know God’s love and that Love walks with me and as me and for me. And that love is always here for me. That is the love I choose and how I choose to live. I choose only love. And I turn to this Divine Likeness and Gracious Totality of Endlessly Flowing Love.

I choose to foster a loving acceptance of all that is, just exactly as it is, me and everyone and everything else. Hand in hand with that acceptance, I direct Divine Guidance through the Law to assist me with Loving Kindness to myself and to all others and to all that is, preconditioning not one thing. Blessed are the meek for they know the truth of Love and Acceptance. Love and Acceptance being precursors of joy and peace.

And it is all one. And I claim this Oneness of Love, Radical Acceptance, Loving Kindness, Truth, Peace and Joy for myself and anyone reading this prayer and for all. I know the truth. I bless this truth and this knowingness and the Love that reigns within existence. I am so grateful for this truth. I now release my word with great gratitude and so it is!