by Tilia Giron, Chaplain, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

Isn’t that what finding the positive is all about?
Isn’t that what we seek when we go within?
And when we give of ourselves, we contribute from our desire to help, do good, be in service and provide to others, which is inevitably self-nourishing.

For when we do self-nourish, we automatically place ourselves within the sunlight of our Divine Essence.
And it is from this beautiful glowing, effervescent transcendent light that we then flow outward and spill our light forward nourishing even more.
We do so by honoring that calling within ourselves and for ourselves
Which of course helps us on multiple dimensions and we thrive even more.
Plus, that self-nourishing flourishes beyond what we are, know and can even begin to imagine.

And when we find the sun shining bright and strong and in cascades of rainbow light just behind the clouds, isn’t that amazing?
Isn’t that what we do – self-nurture – when we pause to find the gifts within the thundering pounding seemingly unrelenting storms of our lives?
There is something there for us, especially given to us, to help us not only grow but receive even more light.

So, during this time when we are called to continue being cautious and taking even more protective measures even with those already taken and even with sacrifices and losses already experienced, may we consider turning within to find what may self-nourish us, perhaps finding unanticipated gems and aware that this tending of our own selves inevitably supports others as well as this country, planet and our cosmos. Energy permeates, conscious loving energy permeates even deeper, stronger and further.

And so it is!