Serendipitous Needs for Intensive Care

Serendipitous Needs for Intensive Care
by Chris Duvall, RScP

A member’s son has been in a local hospital’s intensive care unit for a month. Last Sunday from the podium, the member shared his gratitude for compassionate care received from the RGCSL community.  As board president, he went on to give a report on the health of our center. He said our Vital Signs of Life are strong and strengthening, but we need intensive care financially. 

How good it is to receive a strong flow of attentive love and support during life’s key moments. Viewing beyond the personal and community, such need is seen everywhere. Life on earth needs the support of clean air for breathing, pure fluids flowing through earth’s veins, stabilized temperatures, and appropriate medicines for moving the whole forward with healthy balanced systems. I believe these are complex inter-related situations, and reparation baffles the mind. 


Wisdom knows to look UP in times of uncertainty and overwhelm. Spirit is Great and always able and willing to guide and provide. Wisdom also accepts responsibility for greater health and well-being by facing shadows, processing emotions, claiming self-agency within the context of loving relationships. There are no easy fixes or guaranteed outcomes. 

Speaking to our center’s situation, I wonder if the idea of “life support within an intensive care unity” can help define questions to be asked and answered.

·      What can be learned from individuals giving and receiving intensive care?

·      How can needs for healing be defined in the wider context of ABQ CSLs and the world?

·      How can faithfulness make us ever more relevant in service?

·      How can we release stressors, emotions, conflicts, beliefs that no longer serve? 

·      How can we enlarge our capacity to receive greater good?

·      How can we speak our word for manifestation from a place of unity with Divine Will? 

·      How do we take back power and reign in love, living freely and graciously within a larger community of wellness and joy?


Breathing deeply, I let go of illness and distress.  Breathing deeply, I  open, align, and unify with Divine Will and the High Cause of Sustainable Life.  On behalf of our center, I declare we are beloved, safe, supported and well. We are deserving and accepting of greater good.  We are responsible to one another and relevant to the world we serve. Releasing the small into the Large Self, I affirm that we are deeply grateful and honoring of Divine Power, which now addresses apparent and unknown needs in miraculous ways that contribute to holistic beauty and joy. And, so it is.