Several Methods to Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life – Mind Tools, Forgiveness & 5 Step Affirmative Prayer (Treatment )

Michelle Scholer, RScP

Several Methods to Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life – Mind Tools, Forgiveness & 5 Step Affirmative Prayer (Treatment )
by Michelle Scholer RScP

Example of MIND TOOLS & FORGIVENESS from a post by Mark Waldman,  NeuroWisdom Brain Training

“A Time to Be Grateful…BE GRATEFUL WHEN SOMEONE CRITICIZES OR INSULTS YOU! Most successful business leaders will take criticism well. In fact, they rarely seem bothered by other people’s negativity. This is because they have developed high self-esteem and confidence, and they train themselves to turn down their emotional reactivity, sometimes as the cost of feeling less empathy.

The ability to turn criticism into a potential value is a great skill to develop, and I recommend that you use mindfulness to rehearse being insulted responding with kindness and compassion. Here’s a little Zen story to help you see that the problem may be in the other person, and not necessarily you…

A Zen master was sweeping the monastery’s courtyard when one of the students entered and stomped up to the great teacher. “Master,” he yelled, “you are a POMPOUS ass!” The master deeply bowed – a sign of great respect – and somberly thanked the student. The student then strutted from the courtyard. Another student who had always tried to please the teacher came up and asked how it was possible that he could thank someone who called him a pompous ass. “Because,” said the master, “I have either learned a great deal about myself, or I have learned a great deal about him.”

NeuroTip: Think about someone who insulted you in the past, someone you haven’t fully forgiven. Recall the memory vividly as you gently stroke your palms of both hands (this pleasure sensation defuses the negative emotional impact of the memory and permanently alters it). Then ask your intuition: what did you learn about that person? Send him/her a brief blessing of compassion and forgiveness. Then ask your intuition: “How can I use that experience to better myself now?” Finally send compassion to yourself, especially if your feelings had gotten hurt or made you mad when the insult was delivered.

New research shows that kindness and compassion meditations, like this one, have a profoundly beneficial effect on your mind and brain!”

I move my attention to this now moment in which Spirit,  The Creator,  First Cause, God always abides and lovingly waits for me to reconnect in the Great I AM. Where  I KNOW that Spirit and I are One and the same. And as I know that this is the Truth of who I am I also recognize that it is the Truth of all persons, we are One and the same Unified at the very core of our being.

Breathing deeply in this moment
I speak my word to the Law of the Universe to make manifest and realize in my human life the experience of my Divine self-expression and human ego self-expression as balanced, healthy, harmonious, peaceful,  prosperous, powerful, compassionate, joyous, wise and deeply rooted in Love.
I declare I am the conscious and unique expression of Spirit in form!

I gratefully use all of the tools I find to gently direct my reactive, interactive, race-conscious trained, creative thinking mind to a calm, deliberate, balanced, bigger picture way of thinking mind which serves me and other people.

Thankfully I use the power of compassion and forgiveness to shake loose from the illusion of harm, separateness, lack and all false expectations appearing real. I am grateful that it is just this simple though it may not always be easy.

And so I release my treatment to the Law of the Universe sure in the knowledge that it always only says yes my beloved! I know my heart’s desire is made manifest now, as I believe.