Shifting from a Worrier to a Warrior

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

Shifting from a Worrier to a Warrior
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

I recognize the presence of the One Loving Source, the Sacred Essence that expresses in all of life as we know it and even beyond what we can understand.  This One Love, One Heart, One Mind is Infinite, Whole, and Perfect.  It is the order to the seeming chaos.  It is the bounty of this abundant life.  It is the joy latent in every moment.  It is the peace that surpasses all understanding. It is the ground upon which I stand for there is no place where this Divine is not.

So I know that I am an expression of the One Loving Source in the here and now, selecting from the Infinite my point of consciousness and my reality expressing as me. I have access to the Infinite Mind and Heart, so I have the power to choose how I express and experience this reality.

So I wake up to that choice.  I choose consciously to release anything that does not serve my best and highest good.  I release anyone and anything that dims my light, even if that’s an aspect of myself that fuels such false limitations…I LET IT GO. I am unbound.  I shift from a worrier to a warrior and create my experience with confidence.  I know who and what I am, so I shine my light fearlessly.  I bring all of me to the journey I am on and step forward in complete faith that this journey is good.  I am more than enough. I am a brave warrior on the cutting edge of expanding myself and my reality as I unleash my authentic self, who I’m called to be, more and more each day.  I am the good of God.

I give thanks for this Truth. I give thanks that I can consciously choose my experience and way of being in this world. I surrender anything that I can’t control and welcome discernment as I enter into my warrior stance with confidence and grace.  I am grateful for the Infinite that is me and this life I get to experience.

With complete confidence in the Law, I release this prayer knowing that it is already unfolding in Divine Right Order now in unprecedented and wonderful ways.  And so it is.  Amen.