Simply the Love Prayer

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

Simply the Love Prayer
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

“I am searching for more when I already have the world. It’s the paradox between my humanity and my divinity. Today I claim my divine self in order to navigate the waters of my human self.” Rev. Martha Quintana

Simply the Love Prayer

The still early morning of my life is the new beginning of the day. I Am is All There Is and It is the breath in my body, my spirit, and the life all around me. This Still-Morning-Life presses in around me telling me that the Beauty of Life is God, too. I am certain that All There Is is what I am. I Am is searching for Recognition even now. I Recognize God. I call It in. I call Forth that Power that is just to be in Its Presence and in Its Love for I am all that It is.

In this moment I align with It through my breath. I breathe in the Power and breathe out the Power and know that the Peace of my body, the Holy Spirit of my being surrenders to the Power of God. It made me and I welcome It home to my body and this day. As I welcome it home for me, I welcome it for every person who reads my prayer. We are alive!

I affirm and declare, in this moment, a love so pure that it washes away all unhealthy and unnatural attachments in my life. I stand in the midst of God’s Beauty and revel in my own beauty. I stand in the midst of God’s Peace and revel in my own peace. I am the Love of God made manifest again and again. In this moment, I simply accept and savor it. I am the love of God. It’s that simple.

I am the love of God and I am grateful. I am happy that I have this day to experience my life. I am grateful for my family, my friends, and my community. I am grateful for all the love that pours through my heart in this moment, and most of all, I am grateful that I have glimpsed God first thing this morning. It’s a grand day.

I release my word and know that this prayer is done. And so it is. Amen.