Sitting in the Silence

Sitting in the Silence
by Alicia K. Hanlen
Practitioner Emeritus
Taos Study Group – RGCSL

My mind is quiet, calm, and deeply still. My body rests in the still silence of the Spirit. I bless my body and my mind, for they are good and worthy of my love. – Ernest Holmes

Sitting in the silence, I feel the peace.
Sitting in the silence, I know I am surrounded by Love.
Sitting in the silence, I open up to my center.
Sitting in the silence, my awareness blossoms like the lotus petals.

My mind quiets, my senses are alive.
I watch my breath, gently rising and falling.
There is no resistance, only trust.
There is no fear, only certainty of Divine guidance.

I am peace.
I am Love.
I am one with the One.
All is goodness; all is God.