Solutions Are Here Now

Solutions Are Just Thoughts Away
by Julia Washington, RScP


Let’s dig in, have a lively conversation with the One Source.

It’s time for a bigger discussion on the Wholeness of God.

As we bring God’s food to every table our resources are our own beliefs in the one power, of goodness, wholeness in our life.

Knowing, God knows no sin or condemnation in anyone.

The universe knows only good, this goodness of God is expressed through us, to each other and the world.

As we listen to the inner voice of truth we are able to speak our truth as we express God’s love, happiness, joy, through the “Father who dwelleth with in”.

These are keys to successful living and being.

I release my words to the law and know it’s done!!

And so it is


Keeping one’s thoughts on wholeness, well-being of self and others, health and prosperity in all areas of our lives will be ours, for the inner knowledge of the God that dwells within.

Our thoughts are our greatest power to overcome any and all storms.

Going within, we can change our thoughts, for healing limitations, lack, false ideas, financial difficulties, health challenges, relationship problems, for the highest good of all!

We give thanks for the blessings of spirit, which dwells within. We have already received a joyous, abundant and love filled life.

I release this to the law and so it is!