Soul Awakening Prayer

Chris Duvall, RScP

Soul Awakening Prayer
by Chris Duvall, RScP

James O’Dea has written a beautiful book entitled, Soul Awakening Practice.  It supports us in such a time as this.  Today is July 4, Independence Day, a day to remember that freedom on both personal and collective levels should not be taken for granted.  The experience of freedom is an active daily process that requires clearing obstructions to the clean pure flow of Truth in a context of right relationship based in Unity and guided by Divine Light.  It is authentic appraisal and exhilarating renewal.

 James’ soul awakening practice is six two-word phrases repeated four times, once with reflection on the core of oneself, then on a person with whom communion is desired, then expanding to everyone in circles of community, and finally with a vision of planetary healing.

The Soul Awakening Prayer
Soul Awakening
Heart Opening
Light Shining
Love Flowing
Wounds Dissolving
Peace Radiating

I love this practice, because it is an invocation and a meditation with the power of a spiritual mind treatment.  I recommend it to readers as a Freedom practice for today and every day, so that it becomes ingrained in consciousness, and its deep meanings and unlimited possibilities are realized.

 I am grateful for the Power, Presence, and Intelligence of Spirit which awakens, opens, shines, flows, dissolves and radiates, for this is the manna that preserves and renews Freedom. I release the Soul Awakening Prayer into Spiritual Law.  And so it is.


At you can read more about this book and watch a short video of James’ explanation.  There are also links for ordering.